error--file conflict installing modules

Posted by eijabb on 2006-11-06 14:44
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows XP Pro

After updating to release 819, which has the new version 4 of PPM, with GUI interface, I attempted to install several modules. For some of these, which have identical files, I get a message:
ERROR: File conflict; package [name] already provide [path/file]. I don't recall the command-line interface preventing installation of modules due to identical/overlapping files in multiple modules. The modules I'm trying to install are MARC-Errorchecks, MARC-Lint, and MARC-Record. the MARC-Record includes an older version of the MARC::Lint module, and MARC::Errorchecks and MARC::Lint rely on the identical module MARC::Lint::CodeData. After successfully installing MARC::Record and MARC::Errorchecks, attempts to install MARC::Lint result in the error mentioned above, citing */html/site/lib/MARC/Lint/CodeData.html as the conflict.

Aside from installing the modules manually, is there a way to force PPM to install the conflicting module(s)?

Thank you for your assistance,

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2006-11-06 14:54

Hello eijabb,

If you use the ppm-shell tool in the command prompt you can specify the --force and --nodeps options, such as:

install Marc-Errorchecks --force --nodeps

This should ignore the existing module and dependency checks. Note that you may have to specifically install dependencies. You can find dependencies for a given package by using the "describe" command. Do "help" within ppm-shell for more information on how to use these and other PPM commands.

I would imagine there will be GUI support for this in the future, once we get the basics nailed down solid.