Does ActivePython see ActiveTcl installation?

Posted by wordtech on 2006-10-12 10:01

I'm working on a Python/Tkinter application that makes use of Tcl/Tk extensions bundled with ActiveTcl (Tile, BWidgets, Tablelist). If users of my application install both ActivePython and ActiveTcl, will the appropriate extensions be picked up by my application?

To put it more technically, would an ActiveTcl installation be picked up on the auto_path of the Tcl/Tk build that ships with ActivePython? Or would users need to copy the appropriate ActiveTcl bits into ActivePython's Tcl/Tk library directory/auto_path?

trentm | Thu, 2006-10-12 10:32

On Mac OS X, ActivePython's Tkinter *requires* an installation of ActiveTcl or TclTkAqua to function, so yes it would pickup the ActiveTcl. This can work because of standard install locations for frameworks on OS X.

On other platforms, I suspect that the answer is no: ActivePython will not see ActiveTcl. ActivePython includes its own Tcl build for Tkinter. I'm saying "I suspect" because I am not a Tk or Tkinter guru, so there may be a way to tell Tkinter to use libs/widgets from another install location.