DBD-ODBC and DBI 1.21

Posted by JTB on 2008-04-22 13:15
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows 2000 Pro / Server

I've been forced to upgrade a server to Perl 5.10 to make it work with other modules. This machine is behind a firewall, and PPM cannot be made to work. I've had to download and install about 30 modules by hand, and have resolved all issues except one. DBD-ODBC is the last I need, and I'm stumped.

The issue is DBD-ODBC's requirement for DBI 1.21. A scan of these forums indicates that this is a popular problem. I've looked in the folders of downloadable zips for all Perl releases, and 1.21 does not exist. I've found:

5xx - 1.14
6xx - 1.34, 1.35, 1.37, 1.48
8xx - 1.35 - 1.602
10xx - 1.602

What to do? I just attempted to download DBI 1.21 from CPAN and build it using NMAKE, but that just failed. Big surprise.

JTB | Mon, 2008-04-28 14:56

As it turns out, PPM does not appear to take into account modules that were included in the default install when resolving dependency issues when run manually. Therefore it didn't see DBI 1.601. I had to force DBD-ODBC to install with:

ppm install dbd-odbc.ppd --nodeps

It's working normally now.