Creating a custom package and PPD for PPM

Posted by Will Jones on 2007-12-03 09:32
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows XP Pro

I followed instructions from here on how to create my own package. I generated the package.tar.gz of my blib dir and included it inside modulename.tar.gz and the ppd files and placed them in my local repository. I opened up the Perl Package Manager gui (version 4.01 for ActivePerl and Clicked Edit->Preferences to add my local repository (at C:/Perl/site/local_repository). My repository was found and my module name was found. I selected the module for install and pressed the green right arrow in upper right corner to install it. When I attempted to install it I got no errors, but when I click on the installed package and then the Details tab at the bottom to view details it shows no information under the bold letters "Installed files:". Also I checked my C:/Perl/site/lib directory and the pm file was not copied there as it should have been. All the other packages I have installed show paths to locations where files were installed into my Perl installation. But this custom one I tried to create doesn't show any info here at all. My package is very simple and just consists of a single pm file. Is there something else I am supposed to do to cause the ppd file to copy the pm file to the appropriate location. What am I missing here? (Note that if I just go to a DOS prompt and try to install this with nmake install it works fine.)


Will Jones | Mon, 2007-12-03 10:26

I managed to find the solution to my problem... I read this forum post: which had a link to this

At the latter link I located a list of zip files. I downloaded one and examined its contents. Then I realized what I had done on my attempted custom package. In the tutorial here I was directed to create package.tar.gz and I was confused and created a file actually called "package.tar.gz" and then placed it inside my .tar.gz package. PPM didn't complain, but it couldn't find any of the stuff in the blib directory because it was inside the embedded package.tar.gz file which I embedded along with my makefile and all the other stuff that you would see from a typical package downloaded from So, anyway, my problem is resolved now... Thanks.