Confusing build errors

Posted by aku on 2007-12-19 03:10
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I'm pretty confused about the FAIL-reports on I'm trying to start testing the brand new 5.10 and would like to get the same modules installed that I've been using with 5.8.8.

I'm looking at CGI-Application package and it is marked as failing on windows:

failed building CGI-Application prerequisite HTML-Template
aborting build of CGI-Application: failed prerequisites

Then I move to HTML-Template to see why it fails:

failed building HTML-Template prerequisite Test-Simple
aborting build of HTML-Template: failed prerequisites

Now, Test-Simple is a core module! So that doesn't make any sense. Anyway it seems to really have it's own error report (Although not marked as FAIL, but CORE):

failed building Test-Simple prerequisite Test-Harness
aborting build of Test-Simple: failed prerequisites

So next I take a look at Test-Harness, which is a core module as well. It has it's own report telling some where in the middle:

All tests successful.
Files=35, Tests=10238, 71 wallclock secs ( 9.10 usr +  0.90 sys = 10.00 CPU)
Result: PASS

What am I missing here?

Also, I definately need the MySQL DBD driver so I'm trying to look at why it fails and can't see any real errors there at DBD-mysql. A clip from the end of the fail-report:

Running action 'perl Makefile.PL'...
Running command: D:\cpanrun\build\5-10-0\bin\perl.exe Makefile.PL
Child created: pid=1512 timeout=300
Action 'perl Makefile.PL' succeeded.
Running action 'make'...
Running command: nmake 
Child created: pid=1644 timeout=300
Action 'make' succeeded.

aku | Thu, 2007-12-20 00:17

Ok.. so this text is a quote from

NOTE: The ActivePerl 10xx series, and Perl 5.10, were released on Tuesday, December 18, 2007. The PPM repository will have occasional inconsistencies while we work on building and testing each of the latest CPAN modules. Specifically, failure logs may be confusing and refer to situations which are no longer true. This is a side effect of ongoing work on the PPM build system, and will be resolved over the next few days.

Either I missed it or it wasn't yet there yesterday :)

fyddleboy | Sat, 2007-12-22 04:43

If you've compiled DBD-mysql for 5.10, can you post the ppd?