ActivePython installation error on Solaris 10

Posted by mmmpork on 2008-07-27 15:47

I'm installing ActivePython in my home directory on a Solaris 10 machine. I used gunzip to unzip and gtar to untar the tar.gz in my home directory. When running I get an error.

[user@server:~] $ cd ActivePython-
[user@server:~/ActivePython-] $ ./
./ ./INSTALLDIR/bin/python: cannot execute
[user@server:~/ActivePython-] $

This is what is in the server's opt directory - would python already be installed here?

SUNWits SUNWrtvc
SUNWmlib SUNWvts

I'm not the admin and need to be able to add modules which is why I wanted to have my own version in my home directory, even if it was already installed.