ActivePerl 5.10 and Oracle - how?

Posted by sysaux on 2008-04-25 22:01


I'm want to work with Oracle DB 10g with ActivePerl v5.10,
and I need connectivity for Oracle.
On this site written "Oracle now provides the Oracle Instant Client software, with which ActiveState is testing an integrated, ready-to-use solution for DBD-Oracle."
But how to use it? I don't found instructions or manuals about it.
AFAIK, DBD::Oracle is not provided for licensing issues, and now released DBD::Oracle(v.1.21) is "home made".


P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2008-04-29 08:23

It is still being testing. Not ready for realease yet.

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2008-06-03 15:30

The following modules have been added to ActivePerl


sysaux | Tue, 2008-06-10 11:42

to grahams :

Thanks, in this release i'm found many modules what we need!!!

By the way - when will release AP 5.10 for Solaris with DBD::Oracle?