Accessing MS SQL databases using DBD::Sybase

Posted by jrosenfield on 2006-12-06 09:01

Hi there,

I'm a relative newcomer to Perl and Activestate. I'm working with Eclipse using the EPIC plugin for Perl on a Windows XP Pro machine.

I'm trying to access Microsoft SQL databases using DBI. The rest of our development team works under Unix. They have informed me that to use DBI, I need to install DBD::Sybase.

Using the graphically PPM interface, I searched for DBD::Sybase, searching for just DBD or Sybase but I was unable to find this module. I did install Class-DBI-Sybase but when running my test code, it indicated that I was missing: So I'm guessing that's not the required module.

I did install Win32::ODBC which permitted me to use ODBC to access MS SQL databases but this is less than ideal since I want to have code compatible with the Perl developed under Linux.

I searched on CPAN and did find Michael Peppler's DBD::Sybase. But my developer colleagues tell me that this version is for Linux/Unix machines.

Any help/suggestions for this newbie?

Also, every since installing these two modules (and attempting to install "sybperl" but there was some kind of extraction error so I gave up on testing that one), any script that I run from EPIC/Eclipse gives a warning that there is an error in the script, so do I want to continue. Since that message now appears all the time and not just for cases where there really is an error, I disabled viewing the message. I'm wondering whether anyone knows why that occurred, what I would do to get it working properly again and how to reset so that I see these messages again. But this may be more of an EPIC and Eclipse question. So maybe it's not the best place to ask. But it did start only after the module installations.


jeff.griffiths | Wed, 2006-12-06 16:57

I don't know how compatble DBD::Sybase is with MS SQL Server at this point, you may run into real problems getting code to work cross-platofrm. On Windows, the best module to use would likely be DBD::ADO.