2 features not used in 5.10 build

Posted by Danny Thomas on 2008-01-08 14:51

I've just installed ActivePerl for the first time (on Linux X86_64),
and it seems the build is missing 2 features I was hoping for:

I don't like polluting /opt and wanted to install in a sub-directory.
I first tried the rpm and used "rpm --relocate /opt=/opt/perl"
and while that installed where I wanted it, the @INC paths were
for the original location.
Is there a reason not to use -Duserelocatableinc (new in 5.10) ?
Sure it's quite easy using the AS install, but the real sysadmins
of this machine prefer the use of rpm as much as possible.

I like having locally developed modules outside the install tree,
but it seems like -Dusesitecustomize has not been used.
Is there a reason for doing so ?
NB I noticed some related security advisories, but these are
easily addressed, e.g.

  The vendor is planning on including an empty
  sitecustomize.pl in the 818 release build.

I believe ActiveState actually contributed this feature.