What compilers are used to compile ActivePython?

Posted by kevinw on 2006-07-10 14:26
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What compilers are used to compile ActivePython? Why?


We base our compiler choice on the lead set by the Python.org distributions for the language. That way we keep binary compatibility with extensions for the Python.org distribution. Our choice of build environment will continue to follow the lead of the community to ensure this compatibility remains.

On Windows, we use:
Visual Studio 6 for Python 2.3
Visual Studio 7 for Python 2.4
Visual Studio .NET 2003 (7.1) for Python 2.5
and Visual Studio 9.0 for Python 2.6 and higher

There was a thread on the Python-Dev mailing list about switching build environments to VS2005. After some back-and-forth, this message told at least part of the story why changes only happen at major version boundaries.

For Pythons on Linux, we use:
gcc 4.0.2

For Pythons on OS X, we use:
gcc 4.2.1

pd | Mon, 2008-11-24 01:46

And also extended to other supported OSes: OSX, Solaris, Linux

ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2011-02-17 16:36

good suggestion.

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2012-01-16 17:44

MSVC++ 2008 Express for Python 2.7
MSVC++ 2008 Express SP1 for Python 3.2