Unattended installation for ActiveTcl

Posted by kevinw on 2006-07-10 13:58
OS: All / Any | Product: ActiveTcl | tags: install installation

How do I install ActiveTcl in such a way that a scripted, unattended installation will work?


Since 8.4.8, automated installation was included but not published or
documented. The following documentation comes straight out of the comments
in the installer code:

--directory DIR
The installer goes auto and installs the distribution
into the directory DIR. The directory for the demos
is derived from that, it is DIR/demos. This can be
overridden. See below. The runtime directory is DIR as
well. This can be overridden. See below.
--demo-directory DIR
Overrides the location of the demo directory. See above.
The option is ignored if the installer is not in auto-mode.
--runtime-directory DIR
Specify directory to patch in. Optional. Ignored if
automatic mode was not activated with --directory.
Ignored on Windows.
Windows only, ignored on Unix. Install for the current
user. Default is to install for all users, i.e. admin-mode.
The option is ignored if the installer is not in auto-mode.
Deactivates the installation of the plugin and all related
stuff. Optional. Default for automatic mode is to install
the plugin. The option is ignored if the installer is not in auto-mode.

shirota | Fri, 2008-04-25 14:37


Is there an option to NOT display any dialog/banner to make it completely silent?


shirota | Fri, 2008-04-25 15:13


Is there an option for an un-attended UN-install for ActiveTCL?
If so, option list?


rgmenon60 | Wed, 2009-12-02 10:19

I had previously been using 8.4 where I distributed my app by copying the relevant libraries from a ActiveTcl install on my laptop. In my install script I edited the registry keys to set path and also path to wish84.exe.

I have just recently moved to 8.5 and not familiar with teacup. However, I managed to copy the packages (BLT24, tcom, Iwidgets) to the lib directory and my app works except for loading dll's. Now when I try to load a dll it gives me an error "Couldnt load library "mydll.dll"; invalid argument. I do not get this error when I install tcl on a target computer using the Active State tcl archive, ActiveTcl8.

Whn I copy the files from an existing tcl installation, do I need to do anyhting else like run the shell scripts in the lib directory? Appreciate your help.