Resetting the Komodo user data directory

Posted by troyt on 2008-10-09 09:17

How do I:

  • reset my preferences
  • fix corruption in the code intelligence database or preferences
  • reinstall Komodo "from scratch"
  • etc. ?

Komodo keeps user preferences, a code intelligence database, and a number of other files in a user data directory. It's location on various platforms is described here:

Sometimes files in this directory can become corrupted, causing problems running Komodo. If this problem can't be tracked down to a particular file in the user data directory, there is a nuclear option:

  • close Komodo if it's running
  • delete, move or rename the user data directory
  • restart Komodo

Komodo will generate a fresh user data directory.

If you have preferences or a Toolbox you want to keep, move or rename the directory (e.g. "5.0-corrupt") instead of deleting it. You can then try moving some of the files (e.g. prefs.xml or toolbox.kpf) from the original directory back into the fresh user data directory.

cizgi-film (not verified) | Sun, 2009-09-13 18:18

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