Replacement Tcl linter binaries

Posted by jeff.griffiths on 2007-06-04 10:33
OS: All / Any | Product: Komodo | tags: 4.1 komodo tcl

I get an error 'Invalid License' when editing Tcl code in Komodo 4.1. What's going on?


Komodo 4.1.0 shipped with a Tcl linter binary that incorrectly checks for a license. To fix this, please replace the 'kotcllint' binary in your Komodo installation ( kotcllint.exe on Wiindows ) with one from the attached zip archive.

To install, unzip the attached file and copy the kotcllint or kotcllint.exe file for your OS to the following path overwriting the existing file:

C:\Program Files\ActiveState Komodo IDE 4.1\lib\support\tcl\ ( Windows )

/opt/Komodo-IDE-4.1/lib/support/tcl/ ( Linux )

/Applications/Komodo ( OS X )

This issue will be fixed shortly in the upcoming Komodo 4.1.1 release.

kotclllint-4.1-fix.zip7.37 MB