Installing licenses for multiple users on networked machines

Posted by kevinw on 2006-09-20 15:51
OS: All / Any | Product: Licensing | tags: license multiuser network

We would like install your product so that it is accessible on all machines on our network for the users holding the license. We have already purchased the licenses. The license says it is good for one user (per license) on all platforms. What's the best way to go about this?


Licenses for ActiveState products are per-user licenses that are not specific to a machine or platform. If the same user has accounts on a Windows machine, a Linux box, and a Mac, they are free to install their license on all three machines. Similarly if the same user uses multiple accounts on any of the machines, they can install the same license on all of the accounts they use, provided the software is not used by unlicensed users.

When the license installer is run it installs a license file to a subdirectory of the user's home directory. This means that the license must be run as the user who will be using the software. For example, if I am going to use my kevinw account to run Komodo, I have to run the license installer as kevinw, rather than as root or another user. This also means that the license needs to be installed separately on each machine I am going to use, of course.

You can also copy the license files directly from machine to machine. For information on where to find your license file after you run the license installer (and where it should be installed on the machine you're copying it to), see the licensing FAQ entry entitled "Where is my ActiveState license file installed?".

We are looking into ways of making this more convenient, but for now that's the process.