IndexError: list index out of range

Posted by troyt on 2008-09-29 14:12
OS: Linux | Product: Komodo | tags: install error tar.gz index unzip

I'm getting "IndexError: list index out of range" when I try to install Komodo on Linux. Why?


The Komodo installer is a gzipped tarball. It needs to be decompressed and untarred with g(un)zip and GNU tar compatible tools ('tar xzvf ...' should work on most systems).

Unpacking the tar.gz file using some other tools (such as WinZip) may cause the archive to be corrupted or missing components, leading to install errors like this one:

install: Installing ActiveState Komodo to '/opt/Komodo-IDE-4'...
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./support/", line 620, in <module>
sys.exit( main(sys.argv) )
File "./support/", line 607, in main
File "./support/", line 506, in interactiveInstall
install(installDir, suppressShortcut)
File "./support/", line 515, in install
File "./support/", line 397, in _install
IndexError: list index out of range

If you are seeing errors like this, try re-downloading the tar.gz file and unpacking it with 'tar -xzvf Komodo-<version>-<platform>.tar.gz'.