Disable or modify the Komodo auto update feature

Posted by toddw on 2008-01-11 11:42
OS: All / Any | Product: Komodo | tags: komodo auto update autoupdate

Some people have found the auto-update feature of Komodo to become annoying or do not wish to be notified about product updates. This FAQ is to show you how you can customize the time between checks or to disable the feature entirely.


Komodo uses the same underlying technology as Mozilla Firefox's auto-update, which means you can disable it or change the update check internal in the same way, which is by changing the "about:config" settings of the application.

To open the "about:config" settings in a Komodo tab, double-click the "View about:config" macro in the Toolbox under "Samples|Sample_Macros" or follow the instructions listed here:


Now, the keys that relate to the auto-update are:

  • app.update.enabled: If the application auto-update is enabled
  • app.update.interval: The value in seconds between application update checks
  • extensions.update.enabled: The auto update of extensions is enabled or not
  • extensions.update.interval: The value in seconds between extension update checks

Those settings once modified take affect immediately, so after making your changes just close the about:config tab and go about the rest of your business :)