Another Ruby debugging FAQ: the .gem directory

Posted by ericp on 2009-10-02 08:25
OS: All / Any | Product: Komodo | tags: debugging ruby rubygems

Why do I get the error message "ruby-debug-base could not be loaded", even after I've run `gem install ruby-debug-base`?


First, make sure that you've removed Komodo's own ruby-debug-base. You'll find it at /.../dbgp/rubylib/1.8 -- You can either rename that directory to something like "hide-1.8", or remove it. If you're running Ruby 1.9, this won't be an issue. We shipped ruby-debug-base as a favor, but with hindsight, I've begun to think this was the wrong decision. Back in the days of Ruby 1.8.4, not everyone had gem installed. Now it's standard issue on OS X, and easy enough to install.

Second, make sure there aren't any ruby-debug-base instances lurking in your .gem directory -- Ruby picks these in preference to the global gems.

If that doesn't help get your debugger working, along with the other tip in,
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- Eric