You will need to create a Komodo JavaScript macro that triggers on Komodo startup, with the following base contents:

// This handler will match the given pattern and when clicked, will
// try to open the URL: "$1", where $1 is the regular
// expression match group 1. You can use $0 through to $9.
var myRegexHandler = new ko.hyperlinks.RegexHandler(
      "Name of your handler",
      new RegExp("pattern\\s(.*)", "i")  /* pattern match */,
      ko.browse.openUrlInDefaultBrowser  /* function, action taken */,
      "$1"                 /* replacement string */,
      null                               /* Supported language names */,
      Components.interfaces.ISciMoz.INDIC_PLAIN, /* indicator style */
      RGB(0x60,0x90,0xff));                      /* indicator color */

Now, the goto definition handler may be beating you to the punch (because hyperlink handlers are checked in the order they were originally added and only one can win). So, you may want to bump up your handlers place in line, example:

var gotoHandler = ko.hyperlinks.getHandlerWithName("Goto Defintion");

For further details on the regular expression hyperlink class, see the source code: