Why can't I install Win32::Word::Writer.PM? Not in PPM list either. It lives in CPAN.

I have perl ver 5.14 and latest PDK.


file test operator -e returns true for a pair of empty double quotes

Posted this to the 'Perl Discussion' area and got no responses. Sorry for the double post, but, bringing it here, hoping for some feedback.


Have some code that gets its input from another application over which I have no control. The input is supposed to be a list (array) of files (fully qualified path/to/filename).

Sometimes, the feeder includes in the array an element that contains a pair of empty double quotes and nothing else. Unexpectedly, the Perl '-e' operator tells me this is a valid file and that it exists.

Getting Text off Website


I am very new to Perl and am trying to create a script that will allow me to download my homework assignments off of my teacher's website for a specific day. He puts our HW on his website, I would like to make a script that when given a date, finds the corresponding assignment and prints it in a blank text file. I am able to create all of the mechanics except for the copying the assignment part

treectrl 2.4.1 / installing mixed packages from files with teacup

I would like to use treectrl 2.4.1 (published 2011-10-17). Unfortunatly it is not in the default teacup repository (only 2.4). I tried installing it with teacup with

teacup install file://C:/unzipFolder/

which errors "can't overwrite someRandomTempFile", I tried deleting the temp file, however I keep getting the same error, even though the file did not exist before I started teacup install.

Since this does not work for me a valuable workarround would be to just put the folder with treectrl into my working directory, however if I try yhis I get the following under windows:

TCL with tclodbc and service broker

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use service broker on MS SQL server 2008R2,

To do that I'm using tclodbc (I'm using activetcl 8.5)
is there an option for me to use the service broker feature in just the same way queries are made?

I mean to issue query with the dbo for example:

MSSQL_DatabaseObject "
        DECLARE @XmlToSend XML(\[webapp\].\[LoggingSchema\]) = \[webapp\].\[GenerateLoggingXml\] ($MessageID, $RawMessage, $Action, $SourceMedium, $MessageCount, $Procedure);
        SEND ON CONVERSATION $ConvHandle
        MESSAGE TYPE \[http://webapp.servicebroker/LoggingMessage\] (@XmlToSend);

Is it possible to use the expect543.dll with Python ctypes ?

As in natively ?
Or is it to intertwined for just tcl ?

Problem with perl path

Hi !

When I execute the command set in the command invit, I'm having 2 path for perl

C:\Perl64\site\bin;C:\Perl64\bin AND C:\Perl\site\bin;C:\Perl\bin

Could you please tell me what it is and how to erase the last one please !

where to find unbundled 64 bit versions perl512.lib and perl512.dll ?

I have some applications written in C++ (VisualStudio 6) on Windows XP, using perlembed (linked against perlxxx.lib, distributed with perlxxx.dll)
now I need to rewrite my app at 64 bit and I would need to link to 64 bit version of the library, but I need it without installing 64 bit ActiveState Perl, is it available a zip version so I can extract lib and dll as libraries for a cross compilation ?



of course I will recompile at 64 bit with VS 2005



I get the following error when I use a script on a Windows Server with ActivePerl.

X-Died: Can not locate object method "new" via package "HTML :: HeadParser" at C :/ usr / lib / HTML / 114th line

Anyone have an idea or a solution to the problem?

MSVC100.DLL error using Perl App

I recently upgraded from Perl Dev 9.0.1 to 9.1.1. When i recompiled my application it is aborting right away with an error cannot find MSVC100.DLL. Does the new Perl Dev Kit require Visual C runtime 10.x on all the systems your compiled application runs on?