entry point

Hello -- I am trying to start python interpreter from another program via the API call ... I want the interpreter to run in the same process as the caller -- It not clear which directory need to be in my path so the EP can be found -- also what is the name of the dll that has the EP

ack broken in Perl 5.16

ack is currently broken in the PPM repository for 5.16:

I've checked the build log and the source, and it looks like the only problem is that one of the patch hunks is no longer required (it has been applied upstream).

Could you please fix the build, then?

Exe fails on other Win hosts

I have the trial version of perlapp and I am trying to make an independent exe from a running perl script. The script runs fine and the exe does too when run from the PC it was built on (Windows XP 32bit). However, when I try the app on any other Windows machine (XP or 7) I get the following error:

"The program can't start because libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll is missing from your computer...." The next error complains about not finding perl516.dll

If I run perapp with verbose logging I can see both these files get added to the exe.

Has anyone any ideas?


32 bit executable from a 64 bit machine

I'm running Windows on a 64 bit machine along with perl5 for "MSWin32-x64-multi-thread".
Created a simple perl script and compiled into an executable with perlapp.

The app doesn't run at all on a 32 bit machine. My first thought was to select a new target system from the perlapp "Main" tab, but a popup message indicates, "PerlApp doesn't have a cached copy of ActivePerl for Windows. A copy will be downloaded from ActiveState and installed in the target cache if you try to create an executable or visit the files tab with this target setting."

Tk module no longer supported?

I've noticed that the Tk module is no longer supported on ActivePerl 5.14 and later. I have a script I wrote a few years ago that lots of new users want to use, but they're unable to install the module. What options do I have? Tell them to install an older version of Perl?

I see Tkx which I know nothing about. Is it possible to port my script over to Tkx? I also use Tk::Dialog and don't see that in any module list for Tkx.


encrypting/hidding password in net use command


I am trying to invoke net use command in my perl script as follows:

my $cmd = "net use \\\\" . $server . "\\ipc\$ /u:" . $self->{DOMAIN} . "\\" . $self->{USER} . " \"" . $self->{PASSWORD} . "\"";

my @results = `$cmd 2>&1`;

The problem is that if I run the perl script and open Process explorer, my password is visible in cleartext.
I am not sure how I can send an encrypted password or hidden password in this command so that it doesnt show up in process explorer.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks & Regards,

VMWare Stackato Zip file won't unzip


Do I really need 735 PB to unzip the VMWare Stackato VM?


No you certainly do not. Windows zip program is interpreting the zip file incorrectly and is looking for far more space than it needs. Just download 7zip and use it to unzip your file.

Solved - Load dll in basekit


I want to switch from tclkit (created by to basekits provided with ActiveTcl. However the basekit from 8.5.12 does not load the udp109.dll when I wrapped my files.

What is the problem?

By the way the basekit lists a package called dyndll. I could not find any information about it. Can anybody give some information about it?



ActivePerl vs Perlbrew

What is the correct sequence to install App::perlbrew and two or more versions of Windows32 ActivePerl on a machine?
I am plagued with various errors, from missing $ENV{'HOME'} to ...
-- Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at C:/Perl/site/lib/App/ line 11.
-- 'which' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
-- The system cannot find the path specified.
-- List form of pipe open not implemented at C:/Perl/site/lib/App/ line 213.
... when trying to do anything

Typelib reference in WSC not working

Am converting a windows script component that is currently in jscript to python.

Things are mostly working. However while the <object> element in the WSC file has the desired effect the <reference> element does not.

So while having
<object id='FileSystem' progid='Scripting.FileSystemObject' />
in the WSC makes an object named FileSystem available to the script code having an element like this
<reference guid='<some type lib guid>' />
is not bringing the names from typelib into scope.

Fwiw the only thing I want from the typelib is the enumeration.