VMWare Stackato Zip file won't unzip


Do I really need 735 PB to unzip the VMWare Stackato VM?


No you certainly do not. Windows zip program is interpreting the zip file incorrectly and is looking for far more space than it needs. Just download 7zip and use it to unzip your file.

Solved - Load dll in basekit


I want to switch from tclkit (created by to basekits provided with ActiveTcl. However the basekit from 8.5.12 does not load the udp109.dll when I wrapped my files.

What is the problem?

By the way the basekit lists a package called dyndll. I could not find any information about it. Can anybody give some information about it?



ActivePerl vs Perlbrew

What is the correct sequence to install App::perlbrew and two or more versions of Windows32 ActivePerl on a machine?
I am plagued with various errors, from missing $ENV{'HOME'} to ...
-- Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at C:/Perl/site/lib/App/ line 11.
-- 'which' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
-- The system cannot find the path specified.
-- List form of pipe open not implemented at C:/Perl/site/lib/App/ line 213.
... when trying to do anything

Typelib reference in WSC not working

Am converting a windows script component that is currently in jscript to python.

Things are mostly working. However while the <object> element in the WSC file has the desired effect the <reference> element does not.

So while having
<object id='FileSystem' progid='Scripting.FileSystemObject' />
in the WSC makes an object named FileSystem available to the script code having an element like this
<reference guid='<some type lib guid>' />
is not bringing the names from typelib into scope.

Fwiw the only thing I want from the typelib is the enumeration.

Node.js debugging just stopped in Komodo when it was working 5 minutes ago!


Why won't my Node.js debugging work in Komodo any more?


Node.js was original designed with Posix systems in mind. It uses network calls not available on Windows systems. There was a port done in the open community which is not quite complete so sometimes processes are left running. The debugger thinks it has shut them down but it hasn't.

If you're node.js (or javascript) debugging stops working properly on your Windows machine your problem is most likely that some Node servers have been left behind. This will occur if you prematurely kill the debugger session.

Open your Task Manager and kill any node.js processes still running.

- Carey

Why can't I install Win32::Word::Writer.PM? Not in PPM list either. It lives in CPAN.

I have perl ver 5.14 and latest PDK.


file test operator -e returns true for a pair of empty double quotes

Posted this to the 'Perl Discussion' area and got no responses. Sorry for the double post, but, bringing it here, hoping for some feedback.


Have some code that gets its input from another application over which I have no control. The input is supposed to be a list (array) of files (fully qualified path/to/filename).

Sometimes, the feeder includes in the array an element that contains a pair of empty double quotes and nothing else. Unexpectedly, the Perl '-e' operator tells me this is a valid file and that it exists.

Getting Text off Website


I am very new to Perl and am trying to create a script that will allow me to download my homework assignments off of my teacher's website for a specific day. He puts our HW on his website, I would like to make a script that when given a date, finds the corresponding assignment and prints it in a blank text file. I am able to create all of the mechanics except for the copying the assignment part

treectrl 2.4.1 / installing mixed packages from files with teacup

I would like to use treectrl 2.4.1 (published 2011-10-17). Unfortunatly it is not in the default teacup repository (only 2.4). I tried installing it with teacup with

teacup install file://C:/unzipFolder/

which errors "can't overwrite someRandomTempFile", I tried deleting the temp file, however I keep getting the same error, even though the file did not exist before I started teacup install.

Since this does not work for me a valuable workarround would be to just put the folder with treectrl into my working directory, however if I try yhis I get the following under windows:

TCL with tclodbc and service broker

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use service broker on MS SQL server 2008R2,

To do that I'm using tclodbc (I'm using activetcl 8.5)
is there an option for me to use the service broker feature in just the same way queries are made?

I mean to issue query with the dbo for example:

MSSQL_DatabaseObject "
        DECLARE @XmlToSend XML(\[webapp\].\[LoggingSchema\]) = \[webapp\].\[GenerateLoggingXml\] ($MessageID, $RawMessage, $Action, $SourceMedium, $MessageCount, $Procedure);
        SEND ON CONVERSATION $ConvHandle
        MESSAGE TYPE \[http://webapp.servicebroker/LoggingMessage\] (@XmlToSend);