Komodo IDE 7 Portable


is there such a thing as a portable edition of Komodo IDE 7?


Is it possible to use the expect543.dll with Python ctypes ?

As in natively ?
Or is it to intertwined for just tcl ?

Saving Sync Options

When changing Sync Options in IDE 7.0.2 there is no Apply or OK button. All you can do is make your changes and close the window. Upon re-opening the window all changes are gone.

Komodo Edit application icons?

It seems like the application icons for Komodo Edit have been a moving target, and are somewhat inconsistent right now.

In a previous version the icon was circular with a curled up dragon (if I recall).

For 7.0, it was a "refrigerator magnet" of a dragon's head, and that's what I still have for the desktop shortcut (comes from KoEd70.exe).

I think for a minor 7.x version update, there was a new application icon that is a very flat looking, teal and white dragon head (comes from komodo.exe), and a 16x16 icon that has the same colors but is kind of just a dragon's eye?

Running Perl files located in Linux from Komodo Edit installed in Windows

I am using Komodo Edit installed in Windows for Perl script development. Files are located in Linux. I can read and write files to a remote Linux server.

However, I cannot run any file that is in Linux server from Komodo Edit running in Windows. I used the following in “Run:” field:
%(perl) "%F"

But I get the following error:
Can't open perl script "sftp://mbfbcht3/home/rxc5658/perl/perl1/ANSWERS/": Invalid argument

Please help. Thanks.

How reduce subversion calls?


I found that Komodo checks versioned directories in background and when it comes foreground.
But it can produce lot of svn.exe calls which are looks as unnesessary:

svn.exe info ""
svn.exe --verbose --non-recursive status .
svn.exe info ""
svn.exe --verbose --non-recursive status .
svn.exe info ""
svn.exe --verbose --non-recursive status .
svn.exe info ""
svn.exe --verbose --non-recursive status .

4 calls instead one? "Check for status changes from outside Komodo" checkbox is disabled.

Turn off balloon help

I wonder whether it would be possible to turn of this annoying balloon help which suggests Perl syntax. The help box always covers part of that text I need to read in order to keep the context of my program in view. Any help appreciated!

Problem with perl path

Hi !

When I execute the command set in the command invit, I'm having 2 path for perl

C:\Perl64\site\bin;C:\Perl64\bin AND C:\Perl\site\bin;C:\Perl\bin

Could you please tell me what it is and how to erase the last one please !

binary editing

Is there a way to use komodo edit to edit a binary file (what some editors call a hexidecimal mode)?


where to find unbundled 64 bit versions perl512.lib and perl512.dll ?

I have some applications written in C++ (VisualStudio 6) on Windows XP, using perlembed (linked against perlxxx.lib, distributed with perlxxx.dll)
now I need to rewrite my app at 64 bit and I would need to link to 64 bit version of the library, but I need it without installing 64 bit ActiveState Perl, is it available a zip version so I can extract lib and dll as libraries for a cross compilation ?



of course I will recompile at 64 bit with VS 2005